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Indian Curry


Indian food with its exciting colours, varied texture and richly exotic flavours and aromas produced by the use of many dried herbs, spices, and flavourings has an appeal that has reached all over the world.

India has long been known as the spice bowl of the world. It was indeed the lure of the value of these spices that attracted a host of foreign invaders to India. Nomadic tribes, traders and pilgrims entered India and their cooking styles and ingredients became part of the colourful cuisine of the country.

The diverse climate and geographical conditions of India has given rise to a wide range of crops resulting a diverse cuisine. A breathtaking range of Indian food, which is clearly distinguished by its regional differences, making it a multidimentional, colourful cuisine of richness and depth, with a repertoire of recipes that is virtually unmatched anywhere else in the world. It reflects the heritage of the people of its land and the influences of hitorical and cultural developments and religious beliefs.

Just a brief introduction to our Indian food blog, we now hope you follow and enjoy our posts which will cover a wide range of topics about all things Indian food related.

India’s regional cuisines and recipes

Posted on 04-01-2016

Indian cookery is not the cuisine of a single nationality, but the collective combination of different cuisines from many different countries. The influences of many different cultures, including those of the Moguls, Portuguese, Persians, and British, have over the years … Continue reading

The basic healthy diet and star foods

Posted on 08-11-2015

Food and water provide the fuel mix of vital nutrients that enable the body to function. Fighting off harmful bacteria, balancing the fluid levels, and many other processes all need chemicals from food to work efficiently. With the increased focus … Continue reading

Medicinal properties of spices

Posted on 01-11-2015

It is well known that a good healthy diet can prevent certain types of illness. What is less well known is that specific foods and spices, as a result of the combined exceptional nutritional value with the bonus of special … Continue reading

Diwali the festival of lights

Posted on

Diwali is an ancient festival celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs and Jains all over the world. The festival gets its name from the Sanskit word Deepavali, which translates to ‘row of lights,’ referring to the small earthenware lamps (divas) that those … Continue reading

Indian vegetarian class and recipes

Posted on 19-10-2015

Almost half of the Hindu population in India and the rest of the world are vegetarians, and the families that do eat meat, may only do so once or twice a week. This is due to the fact that Indians … Continue reading

Indian classic dishes

Posted on 16-10-2015

In order to master the fundamentals of Indian cooking, you need to know not only how to use and blend Indian spices, but also as with any other cuisine how to prepare all the classic Indian dishes. Theses would include … Continue reading

Planning a curry meal

Posted on 14-10-2015

The eating habits of Indians vary enormously depending on religion and region, but one thing that we all have in common is our love for vegetables. It is almost taken for granted that you are vegetarian, but even when you … Continue reading

Factors that have shaped Indian cuisine

Posted on 12-10-2015

What is Indian cuisine? It is a wonderful diverse range of food, with very clear regional differences, which thus makes Indian cuisine a multidimensional colourful cuisine, full of richness and depth, and with a repertoire of recipes that is virtually … Continue reading

Key to a successful curry

Posted on 24-09-2015

The key to a successful curry lies in the use of fresh herbs and spices and the correct cooking oil, and also in the skilful art of blending these ingredients, rather then any sophisticated cooking methods and techniques. Traditionally recipes … Continue reading

Did you know?

Posted on 21-09-2015

– Almost half the population of India (500million) are vegetarians. – Indian food includes an amazing range of different fresh vegetables and fruits, cooked in a multitude of ways that help retain their freshness and nutrients. – A typical Indian … Continue reading

The word ‘Curry’

Posted on 20-07-2014

Ask anyone in the West what first springs to mind when they think of Indian food and they are most certain to say curry. What does the word curry mean and where did it originate from? In India, the word … Continue reading

Welcome to our Indian food blog

Posted on 06-05-2014

Over a period of time we will not only simply write about the Indian food that you might find in your local Indian restaurant or takeaway (by the way about 70% of them are not really Indian but Bangladeshi), but also … Continue reading