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Indian Curry


Indian food with its exciting colours, varied texture and richly exotic flavours and aromas produced by the use of many dried herbs, spices, and flavourings has an appeal that has reached all over the world.

Category: Eating Styles

The basic healthy diet and star foods

Posted on 08-11-2015

Food and water provide the fuel mix of vital nutrients that enable the body to function. Fighting off harmful bacteria, balancing the fluid levels, and many other processes all need chemicals from food to work efficiently. With the increased focus … Continue reading

Planning a curry meal

Posted on 14-10-2015

The eating habits of Indians vary enormously depending on religion and region, but one thing that we all have in common is our love for vegetables. It is almost taken for granted that you are vegetarian, but even when you … Continue reading

Welcome to our Indian food blog

Posted on 06-05-2014

Over a period of time we will not only simply write about the Indian food that you might find in your local Indian restaurant or takeaway (by the way about 70% of them are not really Indian but Bangladeshi), but also … Continue reading