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Consultancy Services

In addition to the cookery courses, our school also provides a select range of hospitality consultancy services to a diverse range of organisations in the corporate, commercial, and education sectors.

We appreciate that there are many aspects to hospitality consultancy services such as:- brand identity, administration and financial, purchasing, operations, design and refurbishments, marketing and public relationships, and human resources, however our school only specialises in those related to the preparation of food and menus.

Our school provides a tailored subset of five associated hospitality consultancy services as detailed below to the following sectors:- education, business and industry, commercial, public and health care.

We also offer Indian food talks and cookery demonstrations in a variety of settings.

Consultancy Services (Click on each service to find out more)

Guest Chef →

Restaurants and other eateries

The modern chef is a highly mobile individual, as “pop-up” restaurants and temporary festival eateries become ever more popular. It is now common place for restaurants to host one-off nights with visiting chefs, where a restaurant hosts a number of different guest chefs over several nights has become a trend in its own right.

If you are one of these restaurants and would like me to bring something different to your establishment with my style of cuisine, I would like to hear from you.


I am also available for hire to guest chef at cookery schools, clubs and societies, and for any private special occasion for small groups.


Menu Development →

The key element to having a successful business is offering a great menu, but it also must be easily manageable. This involves buying the ingredients and products that will attract and keep you customers as well as delivering a profit.

  • You need to understand:-
  • Who: you are buying for
  • What: you are going to buy
  • How: to buy profitably

For a consultation and advice on the best way to move your business forward please get in touch.


Recipe Development & Creation →

Recipe development is generally achieved through trial and error, experimentation, and taste testers. Chefs that create new recipes have learnt through years of experience and extensive trials, how different ingredients will interact with each other, how they taste on their own, and which combinations work best.

For others, recipe creation is a matter of altering existing recipes, or creating a new version of what they might have eaten whilst dining out.

I currently create a new recipe every month incorporating all of the above techniques, and am collating my ideas with the intention of ultimately publishing them.

My experience enables me to offer recipe testing, or even to help you to develop unique and tailored recipes for your establishment that target your local cliental.


Restaurant Staff Training →

I am available for hire to train chefs at restaurants, to teach on how to use and blend spices, and cook traditional, classic and modern Indian cuisine.


Teaching Cookery in Schools & Colleges →

With increased focus on obesity, anorexia and other food relating illnesses, it is important that we teach young people how to cook and eat healthy food. This basic life-long skill will enable them to manage their health in the long term.

With the ever increasing numbers of fast food chains providing convenience food, and supermarket ready meals, there seems little likely hood that these numbers will be decreasing in the near future unless we take pro-active action. Parents working long hours may not have the time to cook meals at home or teach their children how to cook, resulting in the long term with the next generation of parents having not had the benefit of healthy home cooking.

I will teach you through my courses, how to cook and eat healthy balanced meals, and show you how fresh nutritious food, can be cooked in a very short time, at a fraction of the cost, and using recipes that are quick and easy to follow.

The courses will also teach you how many of the ingredients used in Indian dishes are known for their medicinal properties. My teaching style is informal, and aims to be encouraging, educational, therapeutic and above all fun. The classes will also teach you how to manage your time, improve your organisational skills, and gain confidence in using all of the necessary kitchen appliances.

(Please note, CRB Checked, and Level 2 -Award in Food Safety in Catering)


Food Talks & Demonstrations →

We are available for giving Indian food talks and cookery demonstrations in a variety of settings – from small private events, fundraising events, or society’s gatherings in village halls, to large public events such as food festivals, business functions, and charity events.

Our talks are always informative, light-hearted and usually involve tasting some rather delicious food.

If you would like to discuss an event please get in touch.