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Indian Curry


Indian food with its exciting colours, varied texture and richly exotic flavours and aromas produced by the use of many dried herbs, spices, and flavourings has an appeal that has reached all over the world.

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Guest Chef

Posted on 15-01-2014

Restaurants and other eateries The modern chef is a highly mobile individual, as “pop-up” restaurants and temporary festival eateries become ever more popular. It is now common place for restaurants to host one-off nights with visiting chefs, where a restaurant … Continue reading

Menu Development

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The key element to having a successful business is offering a great menu, but it also must be easily manageable. This involves buying the ingredients and products that will attract and keep you customers as well as delivering a profit. … Continue reading

Recipe Development & Creation

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Recipe development is generally achieved through trial and error, experimentation, and taste testers. Chefs that create new recipes have learnt through years of experience and extensive trials, how different ingredients will interact with each other, how they taste on their … Continue reading

Restaurant Staff Training

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I am available for hire to train chefs at restaurants, to teach on how to use and blend spices, and cook traditional, classic and modern Indian cuisine.

Teaching Cookery in Schools & Colleges

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With increased focus on obesity, anorexia and other food relating illnesses, it is important that we teach young people how to cook and eat healthy food. This basic life-long skill will enable them to manage their health in the long … Continue reading

Food Talks & Demonstrations

Posted on 07-08-2014

We are available for giving Indian food talks and cookery demonstrations in a variety of settings – from small private events, fundraising events, or society’s gatherings in village halls, to large public events such as food festivals, business functions, and … Continue reading