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Indian Curry

David, Doncaster

Thanks for a very enjoyable and knowledgeable day last Saturday. As you know I consider myself experienced in cooking Indian dishes and I have been on one or two courses before apart from cooking and eating Indian dishes regularly. However I learnt more than I expected with you. What made all the difference was the one-to-one teaching whereby I did nearly all the food prepping and cooking under your direction and guidance. Not only that, your ‘running commentary’, explaining why it was important for the spices to be added in stages made important differences to the end product. Also your explanations about why the stages of cooking were sequential for the best results to be achieved.
All the food I took away was consumed that very evening by my daughter and her family – I ended up with one piece of fish and some kichadi!
I wrote up all my notes and shared them with my family and, having sourced Achaar Masala, I successfully prepared the ‘Chicken in Pickling Spices’ dish in the middle of the week.
I’ll keep in touch and maybe picking your brains for advice from time to time!