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Indian Curry

David & Nicky, Colston Bassett Nottinghamshire

My partner and I had been given the Foundation Course to Insight into Vegetarian Food as a present from my daughter’s family. The whole experience, beginning with the initial phone call to book the time and discuss the menu, could not have been bettered. Bakul’s enthusiasm for and knowledge of his subject came shining through, and the way in which he explained the background of Indian cooking (colonial and climatic influences, regional differences, religion, etc) was valuable and much appreciated. Once in the kitchen we were constantly impressed by the informality and professionalism of the session which resulted in a selection of thoroughly tasty dishes that have already been tried at home and very much appreciated by friends and family. I expected to come away with the feeling that it was all very nice, but probably beyond me – on the contrary, everything seemed logical and, thanks to Bakul’s explanations, quite possible for anybody to do.