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Indian Curry

David, Nottingham

I spent a wonderful day at Indian Spice School in the capable hands of the proprietor, Bakul Patel.
This was a birthday present from my two daughters, aware of my interest in cookery and particularly, Indian cookery. They had booked a day long course ‘one to one’ with Bakul.
Importantly, the day started with an introduction by Bakul into the history and development of Indian cookery and the use of different spices according to the climatic and religious variations across the sub continent. It became apparent that there is no such thing as a generic ‘curry’ other than in the many mediocre ‘take a ways’ and ‘Indian’ restaurants in Britain.
The course was very much ‘hands on’ and I was shown the proper uses of spices to create exceptional dishes. The outcome far exceeded expectations and resulted in the creation of delicious dishes that I have not tasted the like of before. This surprised me as I considered myself quite knowledgeable having travelled quite extensively around India.
Bakul, is an accomplished cook specialising in Indian cuisine. He was brilliant in explaining the process of blending and mixing spices to create perfect dishes.
Anyone who enjoys Indian cuisine and would like to know how to cook it should enrol in a course with Bakul. I am sure that you, like me will not be disappointed.