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Indian Curry

Ken, Wigston Leicester

When Bakul first mentioned his cooking courses to me, I told him “I love Indian food, but I don’t have the time to cook it”. In the foundation lessons I learnt how to cook a variety of restaurant style meals in 35 minutes, and I was hooked. I am now half way through the “Home Cooking” course, cooking the most amazing tasting meals that you would never get in a takeaway. I am confident enough to cook a variety of meat and vegetarian dishes for my family and friends, and am hoping to cook soon for a larger gathering. I know which dishes go well together, what they should look like, and I can tell my guests a little about each of their dishes. I have found that Bakul’s approach has instilled in me the fundamentals of Indian cooking, rather than just learning a couple of dishes and then being left with recipes. Addicted !