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Indian Curry

Nick, Knighton – Leicester

Thank you very much for the most interesting and entertaining experience last Thursday. I have a general interest in international cooking, but this was my first lesson in the understanding and the techniques of good indian food preparation. The first hour (or so) that you spent providing a background to the development of cooking styles and dishes from the Indian sub-continent was nothing short of fascinating for me, taking me on a quick run through the key points of Indian history. When we moved on to the cooking, your teaching style was very clear, methodical and calm. I picked up a whole range of tips as well as learning the impact of a variety of spices. The food that we produced was the most delicious indian food that I have ever tasted, drawing out the flavours of the ingredients infused with the spicing. It was a revelation. I definitely anticipate a return visit.
The above words are my sincere thoughts on my morning with you. I would be happy for you to use them.