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Indian Curry

Sue, Worcester

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed my day with you last Tuesday. I found it very interesting to learn the different foods that go with different parts of India. I have since tried the basmati rice, but it didn’t do too well on the aga, I brought it to boil on the hot plate, but the cooler plate was too hot, for it to simmer, so do you think investing in a rice steamer might be the way to go. I will have to get a pressure cooker as we both loved the sag aloo, and my husband couldn’t get over how nice the spinach was compared to Indian restaurant sag aloo that we have had. You have inspired me to carry on with my Indian cooking, I found a good Asian shop in Worcester, where I managed to get fresh curry leaves, so I did the cashew nuts with the leaves as you said, and it was really a great success. Many thanks once again, and I hope I will be able to see you again later in the year.