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Indian Curry

Will & Anna, Evington Leicester

Our first beginners introductory course to vegetarian Indian cooking was a thoroughly enjoyable and eye opening experience. My wife and I have long since enjoyed eating traditional Indian cooking, but not had the understanding or confidence to try cooking a meal from scratch for ourselves. Following Bakul’s well delivered and interesting introduction to Indian cuisine and its influences, the step-by-step cookery lesson that followed helped us begin to understand and gain confidence in the use of spices and key ingredients, in a relaxed and friendly kitchen. Best of all were the two simply delicious meals we took home to enjoy and hopefully repeat time and again. The aubergine and chickpea curry was amazing! We shall recommend to any lovers of Indian cuisine. It goes without saying we had a great time Bakul, and the meal was delicious. I can’t wait for my aubergines to be ready in the garden so we can do it again! The curry flavours were magnificent, as were the other components. Thanks again, and best wishes.